Phylogenetic relationships of Dipsacales based on rbcL sequences

TitlePhylogenetic relationships of Dipsacales based on rbcL sequences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsDonoghue MJ, Olmstead RG, Smith JF, Palmer JD
JournalAnnals of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Pagination333 - 345

Nucleotide sequences of the chloroplast gene rbcL were obtained from Lonicera, Sambucus, Adoxa, and Cornus. Phylogenetic analyses of these sequences, along with previously sequenced Dipsacales and placeholders for other Asteridae and Rosidae, lead to the following conclusions: (1) the genera of Caprifoliaceae (in any traditional sense) do not form a monophyletic group; (2) Symphoricarpos and Lonicera (representing Caprifoliaceae sens. str.) are related and are united with Valerianaceae and Dipsacaceae; and (3) Adoxa and Sambucus are directly linked and are possibly related to Viburnum. Our analyses also cast doubt on the monophyly of Dipsacales and Asteridae. These findings are generally congruent with other molecular results and with hypotheses based on morphological data.