Phylogenies and angiosperm diversification

TitlePhylogenies and angiosperm diversification
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsDoyle JA, Donoghue MJ
Pagination141 - 167

Approaches to patterns of diversification based on counting taxa at a given rank can be misleading, even when all taxa are monophyletic. Such ’’rank-based’’ approaches are unable to reflect a hierarchy of evolutionary events because taxa of the same rank cannot be nested within one another. Phylogenetic trees specify an order of origination of characters and clades and can therefore be used in some cases to test hypotheses on causal relationships between characters and changes in diversity. ’’Tree-thinking’’ also clarifies discussions of the age of groups, by distinguishing between splitting of the stem-lineage from its sister group and splitting of the crown-group into extant clades.

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