A preliminary analysis of phylogenetic relationships in <i>Viburnum</i> (Caprifoliaceae s.l.)

TitleA preliminary analysis of phylogenetic relationships in Viburnum (Caprifoliaceae s.l.)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsDonoghue MJ
JournalSystematic Botany
KeywordsBiological Sciences, Botany & Plant Sciences

In order to establish a working hypothesis of phylogenetic relationships within Viburnum, 23 presumably monophyletic ’cladistic units’ were scored for 34 characters, the polarity of the states of these characters was assessed (in most cases) by out-group comparison, and the data were analyzed using the WAGNER ’78 computer program. Character state transitions were traced on the resulting cladogram; this helped pinpoint characters about which there was uncertainty concerning independence, homology, scoring, and/or polarity. The data were re-evaluated and a second cladogram was generated, which again prompted a re-evaluation of the characters. This process was continued until four cladograms were obtained. In interpreting these cladograms attention was focused on the clades that were best supported by apomorphies and hence remained ’stable.’ Resolving the cladistic relationships of the ’labile’ clades requires additional data. The most important conclusions of this analysis are that the

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