Towards a phylogenetic nomenclature of <i>Tracheophyta</i>

TitleTowards a phylogenetic nomenclature of Tracheophyta
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCantino PD, Doyle JA, Graham SW, Judd WS, Olmstead RG, Soltis DE, Soltis PS, Donoghue MJ
Pagination822 - 846
Keywordscrown clade, EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, PLANT SCIENCES, total clade, Tracheophyta, vascular plants

This is an abbreviated version of a paper that appears in full in the Electronic supplement to Taxon. Phylogenetic definitions are provided for the names of 20 clades of vascular plants (plus 33 others in the electronic supplement). Emphasis has been placed on well-supported clades that are widely known to non-specialists and/or have a deep origin within T-acheophyto or Angiospermoe. These treatments follow the draft PhyloCode and illustrate the application of phylogenetic nomenclature in a variety of nomenclatural and phylogenctic contexts. Phylogenetic nomenclature promotes precision in distinguishing crown, apomorphy-based, and total clades, thereby improving communication about character evolution and divergence times. To make these distinctions more transparent without increasing the number of entirely different names that must be learned, the following naming conventions (which have been adopted in the most recent draft of the PhyloCode) are employed here: widely known names are