November 1, 2013
Our new website is here! Be sure to explore all the new content, including the photos and publications. If you are a former member of Michael’s lab, please check that your...
September 17, 2013
This summer Beth drove from Miami to Maine collecting Viburnum between the coast and the Appalachian Mountains. She found eight species along the transect, but focused...
September 17, 2013
Matt Ogburn carried out field work this summer in the mountains of the central Andean cordillera near Medellín, Colombia. The field work will support his project that...
September 17, 2013
2nd-year PhD student Sarah Federman spent the summer investigating Canarium (Burseraceae) in Madagascar.
July 11, 2013
Michael collaborated on a paper about the limited color diversity in fleshy fruits. The paper appeared in volume 198 of New Phytologist.  doi:10.111/nph.12157