Donoghue Lab Projects

Members of the Donoghue lab are engaged in a wide variety of projects that generally focus on plants and have a phylogenetic component. The projects highlighted below are the ones that are currently funded through external sources (mainly the US National Science Foundation), but several others are included to illustrate the breadth of activities. Ongoing graduate student and postdoc projects can be accessed through individual grad student pages.

Current Funded Research Projects

A Global Monograph of Viburnum
Leaf Form, Development, and Evolution in Viburnum

Other Ongoing Projects 

(for current graduate students’ projects, see the graduate student pages in the People listing)

Fruit Evolution
Conifer Evolution
Viburnum Diversification Patterns
Biodiversity and “Evosystem Services” 
Biome Transitions in Plants

Yale Herbarium Projects

Digitization of New England Herbarium Specimens
Bryophyte/Lichen Digitization